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Shareaza is a P2P program that is simple to understand and easy to use. While not a large P2P program, Shareaza has garnered a lot of respect since its introduction into the P2P world. All types of P2P users will find Shareaza refreshing and straightforward, which are two qualities that most other P2P programs lack.
The first thing that users will notice about Shareaza is the program’s interface. Unlike other P2P programs, Shareaza makes things very simple. Customizing Shareaza’s interface is s cinch, and this program expertly connects users with BitTorrent networks, donkey, Gnutella, and various others. Searching through Shareaza is also simple, and users of all types will not have any problem with the search features included in this program. It is also possible to check a network’s status simply with Shareaza. In fact, there are few things that aren’t possible when using this program. Shareaza even has a built-in media player that does a decent job at playing video and audio.
The one drawback to this program is the file management system. Even though this system is entirely thorough, some users may find the file management portion of Shareaza confusing. However, the slight learning curve that comes with figuring out how to use the file management part of Shareaza is well worth the effort, since folders can be neatly divided and placed into various categories. Few P2P programs can compare to Shareaza’s great interface. This program is also very fast. Anyone looking for an above average P2P program will enjoy what Shareaza has to offer.

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